Every Lunar New Year, A Drop of Life, together with a group of passionate volunteers would visit various districts,to feel the happy atmosphere of the festival with the vulnerable community and those in need. Beneficiaries include: Mentally-disabled and ex-mentally ill persons, solitary elders, elderly residential-homes elderly.

On 3rd February of this year, A Drop of Life sent out numerous loving volunteers and God of Wealth to visit “Oriental Elderly’s Home”, to play games with about 200 elderly, and give out blessing bags, etc

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Elite Partners remain true to our original aspirations, and continue to support the “Welcome Spring Give Blessings 2019” event; Elite Partners  donated materials purchased for blessing bags, and every blessing bag includes festive foods,daily products, etc.

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February and March is the peak season for accounting firms, Elite Partners especially appreciate volunteers from A Drop of Life representing us. We contribute the money, they contribute the effort, together hand in hand we give sincere blessings to those in need in the society, to let those in need feel the care and kindness from our society!

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About A Drop of Life

A Drop of Life is a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong. We follow the mandate: Passing our love and working for love. We believe that safe drinking-water is a common good. This is a basic human right that everyone should have. We aim to ensure the access to water and sanitation a reality for everyone. Since 1998, we have been building rain-saving water cellars and reservoirs in arid areas of China, organizing relief efforts for natural disaster victims and improving poverty situations. Moving forward we will extend our service and expertise to those in need in Nepal and Cambodia.Up to today, over 820,000 people were benefited from our various charitable programs and activities.