As the saying goes, “More Family-Friendly, Less Anxiety”. Of course,Elite Partners, raise feet to agree. As a well-known x busy audit industry,employers need to constantly keep self-awareness, to never ignore the employer-employee relationship. This relationship should not solely be calculated upon personal interests of the company. Working hard to maintain,and steadily growing, on December 2018, we received two awards from the “Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme”hosted by the Government of Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council; which is the“Family-Friendly Employers Award and the Award for Breast feeding Support” respectively.

This award scheme’s aim is to hope:

  • To raise awareness of the employers of the importance of family core values, and to foster a pro-family culture and environment.

  • To give recognition to employers that demonstrate a family-friendly spirit and encourage them to implement family-friendly employment policies and practices.

Employment Policies and Practices

Family-friendly employment policies and practices have become increasingly popular and important. These policies and practices are intended to help employees balance their work and family lives, thereby bringing benefits to both employers and employees with better morale, enhanced working relationships and reduced staff turnover

policies and practices can be broadly classified into the following five

(a) Work-related Policies and Practices
that allow employees to manage their time with due regard to their family commitments, e.g. flexi-working hours, flexi-working place, flexi-working arrangement, flexi-rostering, job sharing, etc.

(b) Employee and Family Care Arrangements
that accommodate the family or personal situation of the employees, e.g. child
care or elderly care arrangement, compassionate leave, maternity
leave/paternity leave beyond statutory requirements, family care leave,
employee counselling services, occupational safety and health measures, etc.

(c) Employee and Family Benefits and Support
that bring direct and/or material benefits or assistance to employees and/or
their family members, e.g. scholarships for employees’ children/grandchildren,
insurance coverage for family members, complimentary offer of/discount on
corporate goods or services, emergency financial support, etc.

(d) Employee Activities
that promote work-life balance and family core values, e.g. company trips,social gatherings, special family engagement events, such as parenting seminars, family recreational activities and”Bring-your-family-to-work” day, etc.

(e) Breastfeeding Policies and Practices
for breastfeeding employees to express breast milk in the workplace in order to continue breastfeeding their children.