WWF-Hong Kong held its second <Corporate Sustainability Summit & Award Presentation> on 30 November 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event acknowledged the contributions of its business partners from the Corporate Membership Programme (CMP), Low-carbon Office Operations Programme (LOOP) and Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) for their commitment to implementing climate change solutions. The event brought hundreds of businesses and corporate members together to share best practices in corporate sustainability and look at issues such as Environment Social and Government (ESG) reporting. Elite Partners were glad to join and meet other members in the Corporate Membership Programme (CMP)

Elite Partners was glad to be qualified of being one of the awardee and participated the event of “Corporate Sustainability Summit & Award Presentation 2018”

WWF-Hong Kong’s collaboration with the business sector to reduce single-use plastics, including plastic tableware and plastic packaging, was emphasised in a panel discussion at WWF’s Corporate Sustainability Summit. Over 150 representatives from companies and corporations pledged to continue embracing sustainability in their business practices, including CO2 emission reductions. Companies that participated in WWF-Hong Kong’s LCMP (Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme) and LOOP (Low-carbon Office Operation Programme) avoided over 171,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in the pastyear against a business-as-usual scenario.  It would take over7,400,000 trees one year to absorb that amount of carbon.