On 9th November, this year we invited Ocean Park to plan group training for our colleagues. Simple games, profound experience, close-knit cooperation and a series of brain racking challenges, every scene makes one not know whether to laugh or cry. In summary, it is a training that makes people feel relaxed, but allows one to take a further step for awakening, what an experience worth appreciating again and again!

I always think, don’t over expect that only the few hours spent in Team Building can change a person’s way of solving problems and way of associating with people; if it does, then it is a minority, it is luck. But I do believe, using peer influence, breaking the everyday office ice cold barrier, can rebuild a type of communication and cooperation, which is the most valuable experience. Really agree with one of the facilitator’s saying: “after today, everyone may not remember the competition results, gains or losses; but instead remember the blooper moments during the sessions, at least this will be the topics for jokes between your colleagues later on.”


Yes! When work and life becomes too complicated, leisure time spent “simple but real”, is truly happiness!